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faq. [02.13.21, 5p]
WTF is this journal?
It's a place for me to post the progress of my new little story in progress, fool! Deal with it.

Can I read it?
Yeah, sure - just add me. You may want to comment this post to let me know you did so, just so I'll notice and get you added back faster.

This is morbid. Where's the lulz?
I'm tired of writing lulzy stuff right now. Lemme write something leaning more toward "dark" and less toward "squeeeeee sparkly rainbows," dammit.

Is this all one big story?
For now, yes. That may change eventually.

How often do you post?
Whenever the mood strikes me and I can completely write a chapter. Once I'm satisfied with a chapter, I'll put it out. So, probably no more than once or twice a day, if that.

What are the accompaniments?
Songs that either fit the mood of the chapter or songs that inspired the writing of that particular chapter.

I have other questions.
See this post to ask a question or make a comment. Comments are screened.

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